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I here-by acknowledge that any/all information I provide to this study will be factual, current & accurate in so far as I am able to provide it. I also grant VRM administration the authority to publish any/all excerpts of my contributions submitted to this study; with the explicit guarantee of complete anonymity, and that my contributions to this study will not be altered in any way.

In order to guarantee accuracy of the data acquired some study participants must allow for access to family medical records (*Note: only in cases where autism has occurred). This disclosure will be entirely confidential in nature and at the discretion of the study organizers in collaboration with the participant. Any shared information will be used strictly to confirm an autism diagnosis. No data beyond that which the family agrees to disclose shall be included in the study results. Those not reporting a case of autism are also asked to comply with these terms; however in your case no further verification will be required.

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